Black Bear Hunts

Mountain View Fishing & Hunting Lodge Bear Hunt

The Black Bear is a large part of what makes Canada so special. However, the Black Bear population does need to be controlled with organized, time limited hunting. In Ontario, Black Bear hunting season is from August 15th to October 31″. However, we end our bear hunting season at the end of the 1″ week in October so as not to interfere with the Moose hunters. Here at Mountain View Fishing & Hunting Lodge, our Bear Management Area is in Wildlife Management Unit 42, consists of Government land and private properties, and has an excellent population of Black Bear. For the avid bear hunter, the fall bear is a greater challenge, is heavier and more eager to fatten-up before the long winter ahead, the meat is tastier and as an added bonus, there are no black flies to annoy you while hunting!

We specialized in doing the fall black bear hunt, and we have been very successful for 2010, 9O% of our hunters shot and harvested a bear. We are confident that the next season will be an even better hunt, as we continue to expand our baiting areas. Out experienced guides run an excellent hunt and therefore all of our hunters have already re-booked for the up-corning season! Our bookings are from Saturday to Saturday and we require a minimum of two hunters per party. When possible, a single hunter will be accepted but at a slightly higher single rate. We offer a basic hunting package or an all inclusive package, or add-ons to the basic package such as just a boat and motor but no meals etc. non hunting member staying in your party’s cottage are welcome to join you at a special rate. See our rate sheet for full details.

Baiting the sites will begin in early summer and be monitored to establish the best, most often hit areas. Once the Bear has found a food source, it will remain in the area and return repeatedly. By the time our hunters arrive in August, the bears are very much at home at their chosen “restaurant”. All baited areas are within walking distance from a road or accessible trail. We do not supply tree stands or ground blinds. Please bring your own and we will assist you putting it up with the best view of the entire baited area. We also recommend you bring appropriate gear for wet weather and swamp conditions. In mid July we will begin prepping the trees and ground area at each site to avoid excessive noise too close to your onsite arrival. Therefore we will require the specifications of your equipment choices prior to July 159′. Further, our guide will assist you with any minor customising to your site upon your arrival. Most hunters prefer to hunt late afternoon and into the evening, however, for some early morning proved to be excellent. The choice is yours. Those who also like to fish can bring their own boat & motor. For your convenience, we carry gasoline, bait & tackle and if you need something else, just ask as we probably have that too!

We are here to make YOUR hunt the best in can be and we will do whatever we possibly can to put the biggest smile on your face when we take that photo of you and your trophy bear!